Monday, April 28, 2008

Dean's Anti-islamic Bigotry

I couldn't help watching Meet The Press on Sunday to watch Dean explain the meltdown. But I couldn't believe this quote pertaining to McCain's "100 years in Iraq" vs. Germany, Japan, Korea presence:
Secondly, if Senator McCain believes that you can occupy a country like Iraq for a hundred years without having a long war and violence and our troops being hurt and, and killed, I think Senator McCain is wrong.

So, do I understand Dean correctly: Iraqis (or Muslims) cannot (or do not want to) live in peace. Isn't the above statement the epitomy of "soft bigotry" in action? And let me get this right, we can sit down and negoatiate with Iranians, but they any agreement we come to won't matter because they can't live in peace anyway?

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