Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Want O-surance

Health Insurance

Something I don't get about Obama's "Health Insurance" program. He said that he wants everybody who wants to buy insurance to be able to buy it. He also said that insurance should cover pre-existing conditions. So, if I'm healthy, I don't want to buy it and I won't. But if I get cancer or need a heart transplant, guess what, I'm buying it and the good news is that it has to cover my cancer or transplant. Am I missing something -- the only organization that would take on a scheme where they are guaranteed to pay out more than they take in is the government. oh. . . wait. . . I get it now.

Auto Insurance

I also want to be able to buy auto insurance from the O-surance company. You don't have to have it to drive. But if you do buy it, it has to cover pre-existing accidents. So I won't buy it until I have an accident, which the insurance then has to cover.

Homeowners Insurance

And I want to be able to buy the O-surance homeowners policy that pays for pre-existing tornado, hurricane or earthquake damage.

Mortgage Insurance

Can I also get a mortgage insurance policy that will pay my mortgage if, for some unforeseeable reason (like, say, a change in market conditions). This should also cover pre-existing conditions. And I don't think I should even have to pay a premium for this insurance. oh. . . wait. . .

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